A Very Cool Job
Did your Grandfather look like that?
Thieving B*st*rds
Grand Theft Cola
Have a Phenomenal Christmas
More from Mantlepies
There's No Such Thing As Centrifugal Force?
That's Not a Knife...
Dude, where's my hire car?
Where the hell is Matt?
It had to happen sooner or later
SMTP – snail mobile transfer protocol
Colin vs The Subway
The New Way of Outdoor Bathing
Windows Live Local
They should make more adverts like this
Meanwhile, 10400 metres above India...
Goodbye Singapore, for now
midi file + animated gifs
The Film Fantastic with Bill Murray
Quarter Century
Childish Magazine Humour
Ceroc So Rocks
Hip to be Square
USA 2005 - weeks 2 and 3
USA 2005 - week 1
Fly to El Salvador...
I'm a Celebrity, Get me in here!
24 - 1 down, 3 to go
Eine Kleine Haydnmusik
Numer of sprouts seen: zero
Lndline txt 4 u
It's good to b3 back
You Can't Drink A Pint Of Bovril!
With a Courgette and a Whip
Remon Jerry
Pub Grub with Eggs On
Weekend Round-up
Big Al, the Albertasaurus
Join, Catch, Motor, Drink, Lunch
At My Parties, uh-huh
Some Mild Crude Humour
I can speak French. I can say "Paris".
Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Crappiness
Look Around Two
Meals after work: the way forward
Ooh, it's gonna take a montage, MONTAGE!
Hello my name is Reg Bettridge
Read or Dead
Not Franz Ferdinand, the other one
Cuckoo Comedy Night
Xmas Party 2004
#Hide it, Hide it, Hide it like a nulclear weapon#
Nike Run London 2004
No, She went of her own Accord
Break the silence
A Month at a Glance
Comedy Café
That was my Jerry Springer moment
Not Enough Hours In The Day
Termination of Employment
I'm a Great Crusader, You're a Herman Mu-hun-ster
Transformers: Performers
Graffiti Archaeology
Pimples, burps, farts and funnybones
Use Your Noggin. Hide the Noodles.
Too tall for b3ta
You've got a pet halibut?
What game is Saddam playing at?
Zwan and the Art of Processed Meat
Kefalonia (or Chepalonia. or Cefallonia. or Kafalonia)
Bona fide, Electrified, Six-car Monorail!
EURO 2004 Web Magic
Made Entirely in Sound Recorder. Oh, and Flash too.
I am Snape, the potions master
England beat France at something
You got a family, Phil?
Lionel Richtea
Ordering a Beer has never been this easy
Syngle Mouse, Syngle Keyboard
...One Year Later
False Sense of Security
Canterbury Tale
A Stomping Night Out
Hand-picked b3ta pics
'Twas brillig... or was it?
On a par with a night of heavy drinking
Weekend o' Wonder
If that's too cryptic, let's get literal
New phone for me, new kitten for you
You are dealing with a culture clash - a north London Jewish boy versus the Etonian Oxbridge culture
I Take Back Everything I Said About Newcastle. It's Ace.
Espionage and Sexual Promiscuity Go Hand in Hand, Surely?
Cigarette Offer
Surprise Result
Federal Air Marshal Career Advice
Wish you were here
Dawn or Shaun?
The Lord of the Rings: The Led Zeppelin Lyrics
A use for Spam?
Am I Dead Yet?
Seeing pictures of God on the Computer
Many Have Come, But I Like You The Best!
"I love swearing"
"I can wait", he says. "I'm very good at waiting."
Is "is" a verb?
That's You, That Is
So That's Where it's From
We're Definitely Going To Blow Ourselves Up
You Make Me Go Weak At The Knees
Polar Bear versus a Lion
Cinema Redux
All Night Long
Another Odd Site
The Oldies are the Best
Scam Alert
Last Saturday
A Mum with Good Music Taste?
The 6th Annual Turing Lecture
They Don't Know What They're Singing
She's got CANKLES!
That was sound. Yeah, dead sound.
Happy New Year
Some of the most difficult--and certainly the unhappiest--problems are those concerning housemate and co-tenant relations
"Excuse me Mr and Mrs Fat, that'll be £100."
Thanks, Fatso
Delivering "Little Bundles of Love", in a box, directly to your door.
With My Little Tiny Centimeter Steps I Won The Tree
Love Actually
Why not stop him before he hurts somebody
Lost in Translation?
Devon Sent
Life in the Fast(er) Lane
The Eagle has landed
Games 3 Hardware 0
When I press my eye, it makes a squidgey noise
Keyboard Fame?
Kill Bill: Thrill or Chill?
Let's Get the Basts
Lost the Plot
If you like this title...
Train Staff Can Be Utter Retards
Up, up and away!
Mmmm, Widescreen!
Using a Speedo?
Toilet Humour
First Day at Work
Silent Storm
TrackBack Claptrap
Creative fun on the PC
Joe's Story
Look Ma, no batteries
Well Worth the Wait
Talk to the Hand
You're nicked
See Straight Through Winamp3
Signs of the Times
Marmite the marmoset
Rude Counties
We didn't have toys like that when I were a lad
Revelations in Town
Reelin' In The Years
Stickman Antics
To start press any key. Where's the any key?
Can you take it all away?
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
0800 052 2000
The Polos of Death
We're Saved! Broadband again at long last!
9.6kbps. Just count 'em!
My first trip to IKEA, and my first attempt at CNPS
Payne, again
Torture? Fun, surely!
Back to Reality
On my way home from my last FNO as an undergraduate...
The Beer, it is good (x3)
New Webcam
It Began In Africa. And on the Amiga.
Calling Elvis
Samurai Jack
What makes a face beautiful?
Summer Holiday 2003
Do Friday's get any better?
Windows Messenger on Steroids
Come on Ladies, don't be shy
In his sexy pants and his sausage dog
Taking the Plunge
It's Official
Max Python
You fool! You foolish fool!
Phone Booth
This guy has re-written the rulebook. And then had it shredded.
Public Service
Summer Holiday 2003
Easter Egg
Secret of the Vitruvian Man
Films to miss
All your flaky software are belong to SUN
Equilibrium - Worst Film Seen In A Long Time
Before I Died I Saw The Ring
Notting Hill Arts Club
Writer Extraordinaire
Death to comments
'New' look?
Woo Yay!