Tuesday 1 March 2005

At My Parties, uh-huh

The last two Saturdays have involved 2 parties of very different kinds.

19th Feb was a rather obscure Action Man and Barbie anti-valentines party. I used it as an excuse to get dressed up in army gear, camo my face, and buy a BB gun (my mum never let me have one.)

Last Saturday was Sam's 25th where I enjoyed a plethoral of cocktails, including several White Russians, made by barman Dan. He's a good man, and thorough. It was also pretty random to sit listening to Tim Vine lounge singing Wonderful World (minus the psychedelic visuals) and generally being funny.

A nights days ago I was at my old students' union for a friend's birthday and got an invite to a Japanese Party some time soon. Not quite sure what that's going to entail...

Posted by Jim at March 1, 2005 11:41 PM