Friday 18 March 2005

With a Courgette and a Whip

On Wednesday March 16th, Stephen Frost was the man with a lisp who wears Michael Flatley's G string and turns the London Eye with a courgette and a whip.

That was the night I was at the Comedy Store, London for the first time. Wednesday's are in the style of Whose Line is it Anyway? (remember that cool theme tune?) when the Comedy Store Players do their thing. It was good entertainment, very funny at times, but improvisation can be hit and miss and I don't think overall it was on par with Jongleurs which also had tables to eat at (rather than off your lap in the dark) and the transformation of the stage into a dancefloor at the end of the evening.

At least I got to dispell the rumour that Richard Vranch went to my old secondary school. Perhaps I should have talked to him about Lemon Jelly instead.

Posted by Jim at March 18, 2005 12:23 AM